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[29 Aug 2020|10:54am]

25+, CST, historical, fantasy, and fandom via threading or emails. Het and the occasional rare spot of femme, males and females, I love older characters, and I am never looking for a game to join. I can usually reply once or twice a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. I love working out a rich plot for my storylines, lines that are solely fluff and/or smut don't really interest me, if you want a line to get romantic in under five threads I'm not the right partner for you. I prefer writing and writing against characters that are over the age of 23. Writing examples upon request


My fandoms, and the characters I'd play from each are: Avatar The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra (Toph, Zuko, Bolin, Lin, or an oc), Harry Potter (Rowena Ravenclaw, Lily Evans, Luna Lovegood, Andromeda Tonks, Nymphadora Tonks, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Narcissa Malfoy, or an oc), Pirates of the Caribbean (oc), The Dark Tower (oc), The Stand (oc) Cowboy Bebop (Faye Valentine), Labyrinth (Sarah) The Rick Riordanverse (oc), Star Wars (Rey, Finn, or an oc - unless you want to hear about my AU Leia idea), The Elder Scrolls (especially things based in Morrowind)

Some themes I'd love to incorporate are into my lines are: history (anything from ancient times to WWII), mythology (Greek/Roman, Egyptian, Norse, Native American, etc), the wild west, feudal Japan, supernatural elements (ghosts, vampires, demons, zombies, etc), the mafia, royalty, deserted island/woods survival, fairy tales, fantasy, the circus, scandalous behavior, arranged marriages, criminal/psychologist relationships, a line loosely based on either the life of Ivan VI of Russia (no really it's a good idea I swear), or The Curse by Josh Ritter, superheroes and villains (ocs that are part MCU and part Venture Brothers), Indiana Jones style adventures to lost cities for treasure

by no means exclusive

Alexa Chung, Amanda Seyfried, Amy Adams, Arden Cho, Bryce Howard, Camilla Belle, Cintia Dicker, Clemence Poesy, Daisy Ridley, Diane Kruger, Dita Von Teese, Emeli Sandé, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Eva Green, Freida Pinto, Gemma Arterton, Isla Fisher, Jessica Biel, Jessica Stam, Julie Delpy, Kat Dennings, Kate Winslet, Lily Cole, Lupita Nyong'o, Lyndie Greenwood, Megan Fox, Milla Jovovich, Monica Bellucci, Natalie Dormer, Natalie Portman, Nicole Beharie, Paloma Faith, Rosario Dawson, Rose Byrne, Sarah Wayne Callies, Sienna Miller, Taylor Swift, Zooey Deschanel.

Adam Driver, Adrien Brody, Andrew Hozier-Byrne, Cillian Murphy, David Tennant, Dev Patel, Eddie Redmayne, Ewan McGregor, Gael Garcia Bernal, Gaspard Ulliel, Godfrey Gao, Henry Cavill, James Franco, James McAvoy, Jason Momoa, Jason Schwartzman, Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson, John Boyega, Louis Garrel, Matthew Lewis, Michael Pitt, Oscar Isaac, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Mison

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[15 Aug 2020|07:03am]


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